Entrepreneur, author, and sustainable success strategist

For over 18 years, Joseph Faust has served leaders as a core advisor by providing game-changing distinctions and strategies.

Joseph’s in-depth modeling of exceptional human functioning is a powerful resource base for those who choose to work with him. Joseph assists clients to increase their clarity, inner strength (resourcefulness), and apply proven sustainable success strategies.

Life design, business process design (including employee selection/training), and relationship development are some of the processes Joseph’s clients value and from which they receive benefit.

Joseph is exceedingly strong at life design, making strategic and linguistic distinctions, human-environment-business-productivity design, and the fundamentals of mutually fulfilling relationships.

While attending the University of California at Santa Barbara, Joseph's major areas of study included sociology, psychology, and anthropology.

To help pay for college, Joseph took 9 months off to travel to Italy and Switzerland to work as a fashion model. His modeling highlight was working alongside Nicole Kidman for Vogue Australia.

Joseph graduated from UCSB with honors and continued his intensive studies in human excellence by:
● Achieving a 1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwon-Do. During Joseph’s martial arts training, he developed high levels of focus, tenacity, and the ability to be fully present and centered in challenging circumstances. These are key resources he now utilizes when working with clients.
● Succeeding in a multi-decade journey to ultimately become known as an expert in Neuro-Linguistic Programming processes and becoming one of the first in the world to integrate NLP with coaching. (NLP is known as the art and science of human excellence.)

Since 1992, he has partnered with and provided sustainable success strategies to businesses, groups, families, family offices, couples, and individuals by offering multi-day seminars, team trainings, masterminds, and private sessions.

Joseph contributed to developing the personal-coaching industry by creating the first Life Coaching Center (in Santa Monica, California) in 1995 as a resource for people committed to living extraordinary lives.

Joseph's culturally diverse life experience has contributed to his awareness and appreciation of different cultural customs, values, and belief systems. His esteem for diversity, combined with his skill with language, strategies, and design have strengthened his ability to bring forth the best in people and companies from a variety of backgrounds to create bridges of understanding and trust. With understanding, trust, inspiration, and effective tools, Joseph works with clients in utilizing win-win-win strategies to achieve their goals, find solutions to their most pressing problems, and create their ideal life experience.

Joseph is the author and creator of the Get Fit Vitality Kit, The Cards, Extraordinary Life News and co-creator of the Love Course. Joseph is currently developing the Financial Fitness Toolkit. For his next project, he is designing the Productivity Toolkit. These innovative resources are a compilation of Joseph’s 18-year journey of learning, advising, and coaching, along with his own personal transformation. Joseph is dedicated to working with clients to apply win-win-win strategies and ultimately live a life they prefer.

Personal: Joseph is based in Santa Monica, California. He enjoys new adventures such as surfing, (in his younger years he considered becoming a pro skateboarder), martial arts, snow and water skiing, basketball, rollerblading and cooking homemade organic foods. His favorite meals include macrobiotic, Indian and Chinese cuisine. His favorite dessert is Luna & Larry’s Organic Coconut Bliss Ice Cream in Naked Coconut.

Joseph’s clients have said things like: “It felt like shackles were being removed as we were talking together.”  Read Testimonials

Joseph bases his work on his passion for how relationships and processes occur. Some of his key areas of interest include:  The Love Course, human-environment-productivity design, human dynamics, win-win-win strategies, pattern recognition (a deep study into how lasting transformational change happens), and his extraordinary life experiences.

Joseph is living his dream as he coaches clients to be, to do, and to live as they prefer. Joseph wins when you win!

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