Focusing on what you want works,
because focus creates form.



Your Money-Back Guarantee

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed every time
you purchase a Life Coaching Works' product.

Order THE TOOLKIT and/or THE CARDS. Use the product for 90 days! Experience
how this product impacts the quality of your life! If you donít experience specific
measurable benefits, if you are not entirely satisfied, just return the product and we
will refund your investment for the Toolkit Subscription and for The Cards--less
shipping fees.*   You may keep the tele-class seminar voucher as our gift. **

Please note: Our ring binders and their supplies are not returnable after 30 days.
The toolkit subscription is guaranteed for the full 90 days.

* Shipping fees vary, but are always less than 10% of your order.
** When we send your toolkit password, we will include scheduling information
    for the upcoming toolkit teleclasses.

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